Monday, December 14, 2009

My Debt Roundup - December 2009

I was kind of weary reporting this month’s debt reduction by just $251. My monthly debt reduction has reduced exponentially from $1,751 in the October, $524 last month to $251 this month. In last few weeks, I had to take care of couple of essential items that set me back a few hundred dollars. I didn’t spend more than $100 on non- essential eating out last month or hardly bought anything. My other expense was spending a few hundred dollars on groceries.

I am changing jobs next month and the transition may be even tough on my debt reduction. However, hopefully the higher income from my new job will help me pay off my debt sooner.


  1. Congrats, every penny you shave off is another penny forward to no more debt!!

    Good luck at the new job.

  2. Thanks LinearChaos, I need to do more to pay off my debt. My progress in January 2010 was much better.