Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Debt Roundup – September 2011

Last time I blogged about money was more than nine months ago. In my estimate then, I would have had debt reduction by $2,000 and be in sub 10,000 debt level. Not close enough. Then, I thought my debt would have decreased slowly but instead I find it increased by about $4,000 to 16,021. So what did I do to increase it? These are my major expenses. I was quite a social traveler this year – and I don’t regret this expense at all. Next, I spent on home improvement items such as new furnishing, bedding, etc – I am ok with this expense – time for me to grow up. Next I spent around $600+ on food per month. I feel this is somewhat high for a single man to spend  per month on food. So, next step is to reduce my food budget. I also feel my debt increase is somewhat due to lack of blogging. Blogging provides a constant reminder to be financially discplined. So here again, without making any projections etc –towards the freedom from debt. 


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