Monday, November 30, 2009

Holidays and Gifts

Holidays are tough times for saving. Not only you spend money on gifts but you celebrate with loved ones by going out to eat or do something (most of which cost some money). I have a big family and I would love to get everyone something nice. Am I stretching my budget too thin by buying them all expensive gifts?

While writing last sentence, I realized that something “nice” does not have to be something “expensive” (however, many nice things are indeed expensive). This year, I need to overhaul of my gift giving method. First, I have to go with mindset of getting something “nice”, which I will define later, instead of something “expensive” or around exact value to my allocated budget. By something “nice”, I meant that I have to give what people really “want” rather than what I want for them or what I think they need. So this year, I am giving something that my loved ones really want. Isn’t gifting a wonderful opportunity to give that yogurt maker to someone who wants it but otherwise would never buy it himself?

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  1. That's certainly my motto. Anyone will go out and buy him or herself the things that he/she needs. But who will splurge and buy that spa massage, or set of golf clubs, or whatever- which is not really needed, just wanted? Works for me!