Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saying no can save

Whenever friends ask me to go out for dinner or go out to drink, I usually don't say "no". Instead, I propose meeting up for just one or two drinks or just dessert or appetizers. It's hard to say "no" for me not because of peer pressure but because I  regret  missing out good times and simply can't give up the lure of fried food and alcoholic beverages. At times, I was able to keep myself disciplined while other times, I ended up spending more money. I used to convince myself  that this financial and emotional compromise is necessary  to catch up with people. However, am I really doing the justice to "catching up" when I have ulterior motives (usually in form of deep fried treat and/or with a head of foam)?

Last night, I did not go out to meet a few friends who are staying at my place. Going out then would have meant just eating out some fried calamari and drinking beer. I am glad that I didn't miss anything as well as saved few bucks and few hundred extra calories.

Image: Fried Calamari at Cafe Asia. 

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