Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Print Newspaper Subscription is Dead - Unprofitable & Not Environmentally Friendly

The print subscription of the New York Times cost $14.80 per week or $769.60 per year. Why would I pay nearly $800 for something that I can legally get for free online? Printing multiple unread pages of paper with ink and driving throughout the neighborhood to distribute it everyday cannot be environmentally friendly (even you recycle). I hate to say this but print newspaper subscription is dead. I don’t know anyone under 30 who has regular (weekend subscription not counted) newspaper subscription for a whole year (trial offers not counted). If you still have newspaper subscription, you should cancel it. The production and distribution cost of newspaper can be slashed by using online delivery with smart targeted ads. Yes, I don’t mind newspapers collecting information on me in exchange of information on the world. The reader’s preference for types articles, local information, and content of article can generate pretty profitable ads. On top of that the newspapers still can happily charge for archives etc.
PS. I believe in paying writers/journalist well. However, they need to get alternative source of income from their fame. For example, a long term writers can get partial-paid leave of absence (sabbatical) to work on a book (of course with shared profits with the newpaper). 

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