Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Does Applecare really care?

I bought an additional year Applecare warranty for my iphone a few weeks after its first birthday on second week of September 2008. Well! Apple guaranteed to protect my iphone for “an additional year” for low price (being sarcastic here!) of  $72.97 (excluding accidental or intentional damage). For nearly a year, I didn’t really use Applecare. Now, when I wanted to get my headphone replaced before my Applecare expires, the Apple says my warranty has already expired. So what happened? I realize Applecare considers 1 additional year starting right after your initial warranty finishes NOT the day you buy the warranty.
Let me make it clear, let’s say if your Apple product’s warranty ends on September 1, 2009 and you buy Applecare for 1 additional year on January 1, 2010.  When will the warranty expire? September 1 2010, NOT January 1, 2011. I consider that to be a deceptive practice at best even if it is legal (power of almighty fine print).
So, what did I do? I called Apple and politely yet firmly voiced my complaint and disbelief at this deceptive Applecare practice. After 45 minutes of complaining, they decide to give me a headphone. Apple customer service was good and polite, but is Applecare worthy of its price? 
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  1. look at what your buying before you buy it .

  2. Indeed! "Look at what you buy before buying it" . But how many us really read all the fine print for minor purchase. We just take sales associate's word for granted.

  3. actually, your warranty will have expired on September 1, 2009. You have to purchase (and register) AppleCare BEFORE your original 1 year warranty expires.