Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Financial Scorecard of the United States

CFED publishes assets and opportunity scorecard with comprehensive outlook at wealth, poverty and the financial security in the 50 states and the District of Columbia at CFED (formally Corporation for Enterprise Development), is a think and action tank dealing with economic development of communities across the United States with goal of expanding economic opportunity.
The scorecard presents the results in five main economic issues; Financial Assets & Income, Businesses & Jobs, Housing & Homeownership, Health Care Education, Community Investment & Accountability Policies. Each category has between nine and fifteen different outcome measures data.
All states are ranked in every measure with most desirable outcome ranked 1st and the least desirable is ranked 51st. A separate summary for each individual state can also be viewed with an overall scorecard. For example, District of Columbia gets a B from CFED. The detail report can be found here

I hope to hear from you on how your state is ranked and do you see the numbers accurately reflects the economic outlook on your main street.
Image: Screen captured from CFED's website.

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