Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quicken Online & How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes?

How much debt do you have and how much do you spend? Unless you are one of those super-excel-dudes who organize their finance on excel sheets and update it frequently, you wouldn't know how much you spend or how much debt you have. And if you are that super excel-dude, then you probably are in perfect financial position.

Before joining
Quicken Online, I believed that I had a vague idea about how much debt I have and how I much spend. My guesstimation was good at only underestimating both my debts and expenditures.

In Quicken Online, for free, you can import online records of all your scattered financial accounts (bank, credit cards) in few minutes. You can get all kind of reports on your spending, debt, and do some primitive budgeting. Granted, I am not buying a full version (sorry Quicken), it is still useful because it shows you all your finances in a nutshell. No
guesstimation and no underestimation of how deep the rabbit hole goes. MY rabbit hole goes - $ 27,619 deep. How deep does your hole go?

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  1. Hi MeWithoutDebt,

    Glad Quicken Online is meeting all of your needs. Quicken Online is free for a reason - because customers wanted it to be - so no worries, we're glad you're using it if it works for you :)

    - Chelsea with Quicken Online