Monday, September 13, 2010

My Debt Roundup – September 2010

My debt is now $13, 071. This is reduction of just  $910. Like the last month, I had another big purchase, lens for the camera. The lens was desirable (can't say absolutely needed) for my new project. I am focused on the new project, but I have not earned a single penny from it. Hopefully soon, but realistically not for at least few months to a year. My additional big expenses is mainly due to lack of a roommate. Financially, it make sense for me to get a roommate, but I am not sure if I desire one right now. I am enjoying having the apartment to myself (most of the time).

PS. I know that I need to get back to updating this blog more often. Only because I see a big correlation between me being active in this blog and my expenditure. 

Image adapted from Alancleaver

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  1. Regular blogging is a challenge, and I should know. I haven't posted anything to my own blog now for over a month. Anyway, good luck to ya!