Thursday, June 24, 2010

Disciplined debt payment and blogging

I have noticed that since I stopped regularly writing about my debt or issue concerning debt on my blog, my spending went up gradually. I have blogged very less about money and debt last three months. In the same time period, I got more over-budget notification from (see review here) than entire last year. I believe blogging about my debt and related financial issues has served me as a reminder to be cautious about my financial decision.

Indeed, one of the most popular and oldest therapeutic self-help is keeping a daily journal/diary. The act of writing gives an individual benefit of organizing and channeling out their thoughts, and over time reach some sort of resolution. Blog are evolution in that type of writing where we can share our words with (potentially) worldwide audience (all amateur therapists) and get instantaneous feedback.

I should definitely be more disciplined about my blogging if being a regular blogger could help me be more careful about my finances. Additional perk is an expressive therapy without paying a dime.


  1. Yes, it is important that you always are thinking about your debt, and blogging about it certainly helps in that regard. Keep at it and don't give up on your efforts to become debt-free!

  2. @Halina, thanks for words of encouragement. I indeed find blogging (or writing) does keep myself disciplined and focused towards my goal.

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