Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No-Vacation Nation = United States

The United States is the only economy in the world that DOES NOT guarantee its workers paid vacation. I guess there is no concept of work-life balance here, unless work is your entire life.

Statutory minimum Vacation by Country (Wiki) (Even China has 11 days of minimum leave)
Center for Economic and Policy Research's No-Vacation Nation (PDF)


  1. no executive cares what you have going on in your life. right now most businesses in the united states are just trying to keep their heads above the water. if taking a couple weeks off out of the year means more to you than being paid then quit. btw even tho china gives its workers days off they still jack the prices on their exports and lie about the value of their currency to make it so they can allow their staff to take paid time off. i really hope you start to do alittle more research on what you post before you post it because from what i can see all you are doing with each post is making a bigger fool of yourself. and dont just say "grow up!" to someone putting up a real argument to your nonsense but try and find evidence to counter it.

  2. @ Anonymous, only thing I wanted to share here was the report on vacation by Center for Economic and Policy Research. I find that you are kind of hurt by "grow up" comment.