Monday, February 1, 2010

3 simple reasons why ipad will fail

Generally, I tend to stay on topic, i.e., my debt and finances. After hearing all this fuss about ipad, I decided to put my 2 cents. I was one of very early adopters of iphone. I got it the second day of its release (and I also own a Mac). Iphone, over time, has cost me around $2500 (plus any incurred interest on my plastic) and yet I still don't consider it among my worst financial decisions. Here are my 3 simple reasons why ipad will fail

1/ No pedestal/stand to keep the monitor at 90 degrees. Do you really think people will hold up 1.5 lb monitor for even 22 minutes to watch a sitcom? Putting ipad on lap will just give you a neck a strain.
2/ It is not a reading device like Kindle or Que. Monitors use light to display the character while e-readers use actual particles to display. The difference is that light strain your eyes but particles do not strain as much. Think about it, books are printed particles on a flat surface. In a nutshell, ipad won’t replace any e-readers. PS., see how e-ink work by displaying a partical depending on polarity of current.
3/ No webcam or USB. Ipad, at best, is glorified netbook (in tablet form) and one of things people use netbook is to video chat and connect different devices/media using USB.


  1. #1 is fixed by the case that they sell with the iPad, which allows you to prop it up for just watch you've mentioned.

    #2 is correct, but I have found that I can read on the kindle iphone app for quite a while without any eyestrain. Hell, I look at the computer screen for a good portion of the day

    #3 no webcam is accurate, but it does have a microphone (see The device will connect to your computer VIA USB, and there are already accessories for connecting things like SDHD cards, your camera, etc.

    I'm not sure I'll buy one, because I want to wait until I can hold one, use it, and experience the device and all it has to offer. I'm bummed on the webcam, but the other points made here just aren't 100% accurate.

  2. Wrong Andrew. The stand does not work on your lap. So you can't sit with the stand on your lap and watch Tv. So no.

    If you are really arguing that it has less eye strain than a true e-reader, I suggest you google the actual facts.

    And finally, there is no excuse that it should be without a Webcam when a $280 netbook will have one (plus USB slots, DVD drive, and full Flash support).

    Check your facts.

  3. Good tips. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. wrong ash b.

    280 netbook with dvd? show me one netbook for that much that has a dvd buddy. Also he is not saying that the ipad has less eye strain all he is saying is that he believes that it will be a problem for him fool. learn how to read.

  5. @ Andrew

    1/ If we have the carry extra case, then what’s the point. Any shortcomings can be fixed by extra peripherals such as extra webcam

    2/ Not true. Particle display is better than light display. That’s why black and white kindle costs more than many laptops/netbook of same size.

    I just feel that ipad is just hastily designed product. It is just a supersized iphone.

  6. I agree that netbooks usually do not come with DVD. But, we are past the optical (laser based DVD-DC) media age. After saying that, I still believe there are better netbooks out there at lower price and higher functionality than ipad.

  7. Whatever it is there will be lotta people buying these when it comes out. There may not be repeat sales though.

  8. Thanks for sharing these. I too feel that watching a sitcom on iPad will be a pain. Further I can not watch my home videos.. so what is the point. At least Colbert's daughter was honest when she disapproved iPad on Grammy night :-)

  9. The most useful thing you said was in your first sentence. You really should stay on topic and stick to areas where you have some expertise.

  10. @ J. Stark

    1/ I have to give it for being funny. However,
    2/ you don't know my expertise extends beyond the topic of this blog.
    3/ Why don't you give a good rebuttal like Andrew Lombardi?

  11. It's strange that people constantly say that reading on a backlit display will just cause too much eyestrain. Most people stare at their backlight computer monitors 8 hours a day and I haven't heard any complaints about eye strain. Why does no one insist that their computer monitors all use e-ink?
    Actually have you every tried to read a device with e-ink? The contrast is just terrible. I get eyestrain with eink. And the contrast can't be adjusted.

  12. @ Anonymous . People didn't find any difference between the CRT tube monitor and backlight LCD monitor before. Now you can see the difference not just aesthetically but also on its effect on eye strain. I bet you that LCD monitors are less taxing to your eyes than CRT monitors.

  13. MWD:

    So LCD has less strain than CRT - hmmm.......what is the iPad screen made out of?

    BTW, I believe the whole 'eye strain' issue is generally blown out of proportion. Has it been scientifically measured? Double-blind testing? I'm sure the traditional publishing industry would like for you to think that, but I don't consider that objective...

    To address your initial list:

    1 - neck strain? If that is true, then laptops would do the same.

    2 - we'll see, but since a lot of people thought the iPod would never catch on I wouldn't bet against Apple

    3 - webcam and usb - so far, people could care less about those features...

    Opening day sales = 300,000+ - which is more units than the first iPhone sold initially

  14. I had this idea on the design of a tablet, long time ago, and i was like "why no one makes it!" now they did it. But its just a bigger iphone without the phone functions.

    I mean i didnt buy the iphone because it's as big as a brick and im not a builder, why would i hang out with a brick?...

    This one is just a bigger brick... duh...

    Still... since its new people will buy it like the good pets we are, and some day they will keep improving it... and so on... untill the day they add some good features to it. That day ill buy it. But hey! im not stupid im not buying it before.

  15. Anonymous(may 13) does have a good point. You should consider that maybe you are wrong and your time could be better spent working to pay off your debts to afford an ipad or a college degree(which you probably dont have). if you had actually been watching your finances you wouldnt have landed yourself in almost $20k of debt. and acting all hard on the internet wasting time going on about what you think is and is not a waste of money just shows your stupidity. I suggest you delete this foolish blog and like anon(may 13)says get a real job that doesnt pay like shit you broke loser.

  16. @ Anonymous (June 9), Agreed that I may spend more time online/email than I should and I should have been more careful with my finance. However assuming I don't have real job is just assumption on your part. Also, hope calling me broke loser makes you at least feel good about yourself. I simply don't care much about you calling me names.

  17. so, how'd that prediction work out for you? Yeah, the iPad bit the dust hard. No one bought it because it was so stupid.

  18. It's so funny how insanely wrong people like you were. The iPad is a monumental success. Just goes to show how little people like you know.

  19. Yes, I underestimated the ipad's success. However, there's still room for big improvement on ipad 2. Some of them are;
    a/ webcam (facetime) - a must
    b/ retina display
    c/ multitasking

    If there are any 2 of these three improvements on the new ipad (with price less than $500), I would whole-heartedly change my recommendation from hold to buy.