Wednesday, October 7, 2009

(Potentially) Free WiFi Internet

I get my internet from a local cable company at $46.10 per month (see my post on why I cut my cable). The net surfing is good and  internet calls/voice chats are acceptable. However, at supposedly 15 mbs data transfer rate, my Hulu video at 480p (high resolution) is still choppy. I live in in somewhat urban setting in an apartment complex with access to many unsecured WiFi connection. I have always playing with an idea of just using the free internet to save few bucks. Howeber, in order to get any decent WiFi signal, I need to go near one of my windows and sit in relatively motionless state. Like any normal person, I hate going to window and sitting motionless with my laptop to check my email.

I received 
Hfield's WiFire as a gift. Hfield's Wi-Fire use its proprietary directional antenna and sensitive receiver to find and enhance weak WiFi signals. With WiFire plugged in your USB,  you can use many free legitimate internet provided by your city, piggy back on at someone's generosity (or ignorance) or share internet with your neighbors. The saving will be at least few hundred dollars per year. The Hfield equipment cost around $59 is comparable to your one month of internet fee. I am indeed flirting with an idea of cutting off my cable internet as well.

Image: Screen capture of Hfield's website.

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